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This site provides a brief synopsis of my first novel and hyperlinks to its first three chapters.

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    D'angels begins with CRAIG STEPHENSON, Computer Science Ph.D. in an F-16 flown by an obnoxious Artificial Intelligence. Dangerous things happen and Craig wonders how he got into the situation. DR. ANSELM MALLOY, his graduate advisor is how.

    Anselm has a stroke and receives Craig's invention, a brain-computer interface. The invention cures Anselm's stroke and gives him the power of a d'angel (digital angel)..

    SIMON VALENTINE pulls political strings to get the second implant. Simon falls becoming a d'evil (digital evil). Simon gathers power and kidnaps Craig.

    Anselm builds his own power base to stop Simon. He rescues Craig using the F-16, (explaining the mysteries of the first chapter). Anselm confronts Simon in the Arena (cyberspace), defeating Simon.

    Gathering Forces

    Simon recruits experts in computer cracking, terrorism, etc., giving them brain implants. Anselm recruits people psychologically fit for the implant. Craig is unsuited for the implant. He is crushed, but brainstorms a non-invasive (helmet) interface.

    Jean, one of the d'angels is attacked and falls. He runs amok, compromising Anselm's systems and killing someone. He's subdued and his implant is removed.

    Anselm backs Craig's helmet idea but as a better way to screen d'angel candidates. Work on the helmets begins. The d'evils purchase two nuclear weapons from the Russian mafia.

    Death Match

    The helmet doesn't work, but someone suggests two heads are better than one. Craig tests the two-helmet system with his girlfriend, Dolores. It proves intimate.

    D'angels steal the nukes. D'evils modify Anselm's nano-machines to create a doomsday weapon. Nick, a d'angel modifies one of the nukes. The d'evils plot to kill the PRESIDENT with a swarm of flying bombs and seize power.

    A less intimate version of the helmets works in Multi-Disciplinary Teams (MDTs). MDTs prove more powerful than either d'angels or d'evils. The strongest MDT tries to disable his doomsday bugs and fails.

    The swarm attacks the President at the NSA, and chases him across suburban Maryland. When all looks lost, the modified nuke creates an electron tsunami (EMP) friying all the doomsday bugs'. The President is saved. Craig marries Dolores.

  • Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
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